The goal of recreational soccer in the TCSL is to help players develop in the game in a fun environment that focuses on community-building and personal growth. 

All coaches and referees in the TCSL are required to take concussion training produced by the Centers for Disease Control. The TCSL takes the risk of concussion seriously and is committed to putting the safety of athletes first. Therefore, the following guidelines will be the standards by which the league operates with respect to concussions, and all parents are encouraged to read the documents to know what to do in the event of a suspected concussion. The best way to ensure our kids' safety is if we all work together!

Heading for all players particpating in U12 divisions and younger is prohibited. Please reference the US Soccer mandate for more information or the Florida Youth Soccer Association.

Training "heading" is strictly prohibited for all member clubs for players participating in U12 divisions and younger.

Healthy eating is important for all participants. Hydartion before, during, and after playing soccer in Florida is very important.

The TCSL bans the use of tobacco products at its events. Tobacco use of any kind is prohibited within 500 feet of an atheltic field where youths are particpating in a TCSL-facilitated event / game day. 

Martin County Parks and Rec rules, regulations, guidelines and ordinances are stritchly enforced. Especially relating to alcohol, drugs, pets and vapor smoking or E cigarettes.  

2018 TCSL Abbreviated League Rules* & Regulations

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  1. It is expected that all teams will be balanced within a given club to allow even competition rather than having players selected to encourage winning teams.
  2. All players and coaches must appear on the FYSA roster and roster must be presented to the referee prior to game start. Coaches must have valid and current FYSA pass and a maximum of 3 coaches may represent the team on the sideline.
  3. Season FYSA rosters must be submitted to TCSL secretary, Cyndi Molnar ( prior to season start. Any changes made resulting in re-generated rosters must be resubmitted.
  4. No guest play is allowed in recreational league play.
  5. No competitive players may play on recreational rosters. If they have played competitive ball this seasonal year, they are competitive players. They cannot go back to recreational soccer in the same season.
  6. All players must be age verified based on their year of birth
  7. All volunteer coaches much have passed a background check and a CDC "Heads Up" awareness course.


  1. Each club representative must declare those teams playing in the league at least 2 weeks prior to first game
  2. Preliminary schedules will be sent to all and reps have 1 week to submit their home field times and arrange for any changes due to individual team conflicts that exist within their club.
  3. Finalized schedules will be posted on the TCSL website. This will be the ONLY valid source of scheduling and score information that should be used to avoid confusion.

Game Changes and Cancellations

  1. Schedule changes that may arise during the season will require email notification to the opponent’s club rep, as well as to the league scheduler (, at least 48 hours prior to game time. Cancellations after this time will result in a 0-3 loss for forfeiting team. In addition, the forfeiting team will pay all game referee fees.
  2. Games canceled due to weather, county field closures or for any other reason must be rescheduled within 7 days by the home team club.
  3. The home team club is responsible for payment of home game referee fees.
  4. Referee fees for the 2018 season are:

U10B -- 3 refs $30/15/15 [7v7/25-min halves]

U10G -- 3 refs $30/15/15 [7v7/25-min halves]

U12G  -- 3 refs $40/20/20 [9v9/30-min halves]

U12B -- 3 refs $40/20/20 [9v9/30-min halves]

U14B  -- 3 refs $40/20/20 [9v9/30-min halves]

U14G -- 3 refs $40/20/20 [7v7/30-min halves]

U15 -- 3 refs $45/20/20 [7v7/30-min halves]

HS --3 refs $50/25/25 [7v7/30-min halves]

*FIFA rules are followed except as noted  

All league fees must be paid to the Treasurer

2018 TCSL Recreational Game Day Play*

Players per age group

  • U10 – 7 v. 7; minimum to play is 5 (No heading; break-out line)
  • U12 – 9 v. 9; minimum to play is 6 (No heading)
  • U14 Boys – 9 v. 9 for boys; minimum to play is 6
  • U14 Girls -- 7 v. 7; minimum to play is 5
  • U17 Boys – 7 v. 7; minimum to play is 5

Playing down players

When a team cannot field the regulation number of players in a given game, coaches must play down to match the opponent and make a safer, fairer game for both teams. It is also allowed for a team with extra players to offer players to opponent for the purpose of meeting minimum numbers and this game will then be counted in all ways as a regulation game. This is to be done with the agreement of both coaches. In the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship, it is recommended by the TCSL Board that coaches make decisions in the interest of players' game experience rather than results or score of the individual match.

Rosters and passes

All players and coaches must appear on a FYSA roster for the team playing and the roster and player cards must be presented to the referee for verification prior to game start. Coaches must have a valid and current FYSA pass and a maximum of 3 coaches may represent the team on the sideline provided they are on the roster and have a current pass. Exceptions to this rule will not be permitted. All players, coaches and trainers must a recent photograph on the roster that shows them at the start of the season.  All coaches must have the coach passes visibiliby displayed when on Martin County Parks & Rec maintained propoerties.

Game Schedules and Game reports

Game schedules will be listed on the league website. The website will be the final authority on times and locations. It will be the responsibility of both head coaches to verify game results with the referee before leaving the field. If a score is not verified at the field, the home team’s report will preside. Individual, initialed, game reports should be submitted by the referee to the home team. Game results must be reported to the coach’s club rep by the Monday after the game in order to avoid fines or forfeits.

Last minute game changes/cancellations due to weather or other unforeseen circumstance

Clubs will notify other club reps as soon as possible who will, in turn, notify affected coaches/teams of changes. If no notification has been sent, teams are expected to be at field. The Center referee will determine if the game is safe to play.

General rules of play (excerpts)

FIFA rules are in effect except as noted here and in the rules of the TCSL.

  1. Slide tackling will be prohibited and will result in a foul and an indirect free kick.
  2. Shin guards must be worn by all players underneath uniform socks. Only soccer cleats or tennis shoes are permitted. No other footwear will be allowed on players.
  3. U-10: 25 min. half with water-break each half.
  4. U-12: 30 min. half with water-break each half.
  5. U-14 and High School: 30-min. half with water-break each half.
  6. Players wearing an orthopedic cast of any kind shall not be eligible to participate in any game. Soft orthopedic braces worn by players are permitted with a written release from a doctor (copy to be attached to the game report). The center referee’s decision on their acceptability is final. 
  7. Heading is prohibited at U12 and younger. Heading will be permitted for U14 and older. Heading will result in a drop ball at U12 and younger at the location of the incident. If the incident occurs inside the penalty area, a drop ball will take place at the apex of the penalty box semi circle. 
  8. Mercy rule: When a team has an 8-goal advantage, and the first half has been completed, the game is over.

*All rules and procedures are determined by the TCSL executive committee and are subject to change as deemed necessary. 

Parent and Coach Codes of Conduct

The TCSL and its member clubs jointly expect all coaches to conform to this code of conduct.

  • Before, during and after the game, be an example of dignity, patience and positive spirit.

  • Before a game, introduce yourself to the opposing coach and to the referee.

  • During the game, you are responsible for the sportsmanship of your players. If one of your players is disrespectful, irresponsible or overly aggressive, take the player out of the game at least long enough for him/her to calm down.

  • During the game, you are also responsible for the conduct of the parents of your players. It is imperative to explain acceptable player and parent behavior in a preseason meeting.

  • Encourage them to applaud and cheer for good plays by either team. Discourage them and you may need to be forceful and direct from yelling at players and the referee.

  • During the game, you are also responsible for the conduct of spectators rooting for your team.

  • During the game, do not address the referee at all. If you have a small issue, discuss it with the referee calmly and patiently after the game.

  • If you have a major complaint, or if you think the referee was unfair, biased, unfit or incompetent, report your opinion to your League. Your reactions will be taken seriously if they are presented objectively and formally.

  • After the game, thank the referee and ask your players to do the same.

For Parents

    1. I will emphasize that the game is played for fun, and for the benefit of the youth, not adults.

    2. I will act as a role model by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and game officials – regardless of race, creed, color, gender, religion, or ability.

    3. I will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, parent, or spectator such as booing and taunting, refusing to shake hands, or using profane language or gestures.

    4. I will teach my child to play within the spirit and intentions of the rules and the Laws of the Game.

    5. I will refrain from criticizing the game officials, and will respect their authority and decisions during games.

    6. I will never place the value of winning over the safety and welfare of the players.

    7. I will demand a sports environment free from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and I will refrain from their use at all sporting events.

    8. I will not encourage, invite, nor recruit any player from an opposing team to join my child’s team during the playing season. 

    9. I will not use tobacco related products within 500 feet of the athletic fields for TCSL faciitated events.

    10. I will not bring my pet onto the athletic field of play.

    11. I will not attend a game under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.

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