2017 TC World Cup -- Dec. 9 & 10 at Halpatiokee Park in Stuart


The Treasure Coast World Cup has been developed as a true "Recreational" tournament in every sense of the word. Our intent is to discourage any action or play that violates the spirit of that intent. We have two categories of play where teams are placed. They are True Recreational and All Star Recreational (hand picked recreational players). In some instances, over achieving true rec teams will participate in an All Star category to ensure the correct level of play.


FYSA's "half game playing" rule applies for this tournament in the "true rec" category. All players must play at least half of the game. In the All Star category all players play time will be at their coaches discretion.
1. Coaches/Managers are responsible for keeping the bench area clean after the completion of the game. Coaches must get their passes back from the referee after the game.
2. Trophies and Medals will be awarded after the final to 1st and 2nd place teams in each Division.
3. An 8-goal differential at the end of the first half or secured at any time during the second half shall constitute a "Mercy"
4. Offside will be called in all divisions with the exception of the U8 division.
5. The game duration for each age group is as follows; 2-15 minute halves for U8 playing 4 v 4, 2-15 minute halves for U9 Development playing 7 v 7, 2-20 minute halves for U10 playing 7 v 7, 2-25 minute halves for U12 and U14 playing 9 v 9 and U15 Girls and 2HS boys playing 7 v 7 on a U12 sized field. 
6. Coaches are responsible for the parents and spectators who are supporting their team. Coaches can be removed from the coaching area if a referee has to stop a game because of unethical or disruptive behavior. If the team has only one coach and the coach is removed, the game will result in a forfeit and the opposing team will receive a 3-0 score.
7. Coaches & players are expected to remain within the bench area during games. The area is three feet from the touchline and five yards from the center line. It's recommended that the bench area is outlined by lines drawn around the bench area.
8. Coaching is permitted from the coach's area only. Any fans or spectators who are coaching from the sideline will be required to stop or they will be asked to leave the field of play and stand in the parking lot until the game is over. Coaching by FYSA definition is "limited instructions of informative nature."
9. It's expected that the teams arrive at the scheduled game field at least 30 minutes before kickoff. If a team is not ready to begin play 15 minutes after the scheduled kickoff, the team will forfeit the match by a 0-3 score.
10. No Slide Tackling allowed. No tackles from behind allowed. Players must make contact with the ball first. One warning per player. If an additional infraction happens, then the referee will request that player's coach to remove that player from the field of play so that player can be educated and advised of what they need to stop. If players continues upon return, then referee will request the player gets substitued and not allowed back into that game.
10.a The U8 4v4 category requires all opposition players to drop back behind the halfway line for a goal kick. U8 4 v 4 has no goalkeepers.
10.b As per USYS and FYSA rules, the build out line and all its associated rules and guidelines will be used for U10 7v7 games.

10.c  No heading of the ball at all ages below U12. A drop ball at the location will be used to recommence the game after a heading infraction has occurred.  If infraction occurs in the penalty area then the referee will place the drop ball location at the peak of the penalty box semi circle. 
10.d Foul and abusive langauge will result in an immediate red card / dismissal from the game and suspension from the rest of the tournament.
11. Substitution is allowed at Kick off, Goal kick, or throw in for your team only.
12. Teams will require player passes with photos for all players and coaches on their roster.
13. Referees will check all age category players and team coaches in before the start of the game by cross referencing the FYSA game card against the player passes. Any player not on the game card (the teams FYSA event roster) will not play. Any player without a photo on their player pass cannot play. Any coach without a coaches pass may not stand in the coaches area and coach the team. No exceptions.
14. Pennies will be used throughout the tournament to distinguish team color when needed.
15. All individual team coaches are responsible for their own supporters / parents behavior. The referee may call upon a coach to ask a parent to calm down or leave the field before further action may be taken.
16. Water breaks will be observed in all matches.

1. In match play for seeding purposes, teams will receive 3 pts for a win, 0 pts for a loss, and 1 point for a draw. In the finals, if teams are tied at the end of regulation time, there will be a single 15-minute overtime period before going to penalty kicks.
2. Maximum goal differential will be + or - 4.
3. In the event of tie to determine the placement in group games, the tie breaker format will be:
A. Head to Head
B. Goal differential up to 4 goals per game.
C. Goals against
D. Goals for
E. In the event of a tie after the first four tie breakers then it will go to kicks from the mark at a time to be determined by the tournament director.

1. Dissension with referees' decisions is not permitted. The coach may file a protest of a decision after the game but negative comments during the game will not be tolerated. If a coach gets dismissed and no other coach is available then that team forfeits the game immediately.
2. A protest must be made prior to the start of the game or immediately following the game by notifying the referee. The protest committee made up of the TCSL President and the TCSL B.O.D. will make decisions concerning any protest. Protests will be heard and ruled on within 24 hours of the protest being filed and communicated verbally and/or electronically to all parties involved.
3. At the referees' discretion, referees will stop the game to instruct a coach to replace a player on the field who has committed a breach of the rules rather than receive a yellow card. It gives the coach and the player time to discuss the incident and ensure it doesn't happen again. A second infraction will mean a yellow card and no longer able to participate in that game. Further issues will require a red card and exclusion from the tournament (player and or coach). Referees will use the Ask-Tell-Dismiss process for handling coach misconduct. Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated and will lead to an immediate send off and supsension from the tournament for coaches and/or players.
4. No goals can be scored directly from a goal kick or a goal keeper's punt. If this happens the opposing team will be awarded a goal kick. No slide tackles. Heading of the ball is not encouraged for all players below U12.
5. U8 will play 4v4 on a U8 sized field, U9 Development will play 7v7 on a u10 size field, U10s play 7v7 on a U10 size field, U12s play 9v9 on a U12 size field, U14s play 11v11 on afull size field.  U15s and High Scholl categories will play 7v7 on a U12 size field.
6. Referee fee and game structure : U8 will have 1 center referee only who will receive $10 per game. U9 development will have one center only who will receive $20 per game. U10 games will have 1 center referee only who will receive $25 per game, U12 1 center $30 per game and 15 per AR, U14 1 center $35 per game with 2 AR's $20 per game, HS 1 center $40 per game with 2 AR's $20 per game.
7. Referees are to complete the game report card with the score of each game they officiate back to the referee assigner within 30 minutes after the game ends.

1. All teams must check to "registration" 45 minutes before their first game. Player and coach passes will be checked against the team rosters that were submitted by 12/4/2017. No new players and or rosters will be accepted. A "medical release" is not needed as this is not a special event but an in house end of season festival in a tournament format. Players will be covered by there club registration insurance. Only player passes that have a recent photograph will be allowed. Unacceptable / incomplete player and or coach passes will be with held (that means player cannot play). All passes will need to be stamped at check in . No stamp mark will mean that the referee will not allow that player to participate.

2. Rosters - All FYSA rosters must be submitted to TCSL President or Tournament Director by 12/5/2016 email address info@tcyouthsoccer.com for verification of players / teams. FYSA player passes and Coaches' passes will be used for the Tournament. Referees will check players and coaches in at the start of the every game by cross referencing the passes against the players names on the team rosters. At each game a referee will check each teams player pass photo matches each player. All teams uniforms must be the same. Goalkeeper to wear an alternate color to their team and the opposing team. Only those players listed on the FYSA roster with matching player passes with photographs will be permitted to play. Only coaches with passes with photos will be permitted in the coaching area, with a maximum of 3 coaches allowed per team.
3. A minimum of 6 players constitute a roster for teams playing 9 a side, 4 players constitute a roster for teams playing 7 a side and 5 players constitutes a roster to play an 8 v 8 match. Players that arrive after kickoff will be checked in at the first water break or half time, whichever comes first.
4. No players with a competitive designation from Aug. 1, 2017, will be allowed to participate in this tournament unless previously agreed by the Tournament Director and or TCSL President. Players who have guest played on a competitive team will be considered on an individual basis.
5. All games must have an even number of players on each team. So if one team only has five players the other team MUST play down to that number.
6. No players from another team can be loaned, shared or double roster'd for this event.

1. U8s will play in boys, girls, or coed divisions in a 4v4 format with no goalkeepers on U8 sized field, and all usual guidelines for this field will be in place with the following exceptions. The U9 development league will play 7v7 as per U10 rules. U9 teams will all play as Allstar teams and as such teams are likely to be hand picked.
2. Teams can be comprised of any willing player regardless of previous team affiliation provided they are registered to the club through FYSA. Player passes will be used in this division but photos will not be required. DOCs will be asked to verify their teams.
3. U8 4v4 "Stacked" teams are discouraged as they violate the intent of the format and will unsettle the balance of the games.
4. Uniforms must be consistent among the team but can be as simple as white t-shirts. Pennies will be used throughout the tournament to distinguish team color when needed.
5. Offside will not be called and referees will be instructed to allow the natural flow of play to continue whenever possible in U8 4v4s.
6. Scores and standings will be kept and trophies awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams in each division, except for U8.
7. All U8 or U9 development players must be registered a recreational players and must have started out from August 1st as a recreational player. Players who were registered as competitive or "travel" soccer at the start of the season or have since transfered to a travel team are not eligible for the tournament. Guest play on a travel team will be considered on an individual basis.
8. All U8 players will receive a medallion for participating in the TCSL World Cup
9. Heading the ball is not allowed. No slide tackles. No corner kicks...throw ins from corner instead. Stricly mo coaching from the sidelines or spectators will be removed.
10. Opposing team must retreat to halfway line for goal kicks in U8 4v4. They cannot penetrate the opposing teams half until the goal keeper has passed the ball to one of his own team's players. U9 Development to follow the U10 "build out" line rules and regulations.

Contact TCSL President Craig Redding at (772) 713 5902 or info@TCYouthSoccer.com


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